Shiva mid vent

Shiva mid vent

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New Technology for lots of Wind. 

Shiva Mid Vent is a version with a certain amount of air-permeable fabric, which leads to significantly less pull and control forces compared to the standard version, especially in strong winds, and therefore to better controllability.
Forward, reverse, sideways, tight spins and sudden stops: Shiva is a classic quad line kite, which we have improved in some ways.
Most striking is the dynamic bridle, which we have enhanced to suit everyday use and beginners demands. It allows easy take-offs and light-footed forward flight.

Shiva mid Vent comes without lines and handles in a simple bag.

wingspan:             2,48m
Height:                 0,82m
Sail material:        40D Ripstop Nylon
Frame:                 wrapped carbon fiber Dynamic D20
Wind range:         2.5 - 6Bft
ready to fly:         four line handles with Dyneema 4x25m, 55kp


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