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engineered elegance

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ultralight trick kite

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His namesake from the realm of the spider is an ant hunter.

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  • Album by Carlos Santana
  • smart and faithful raven in Otfrieds Preusslers „The Little Witch“
  • A cool Freestyle kite by Spiderkites and Paul May

Paul May, Author of the book "Stuntkiting", has updated his freestyle kite Abraxas. Here's what he says about it:

Like the talking raven in Ottfried Preusslers "The Little Witch" Abraxas will be a faithfull companion for many years of your kite career. Nice precision, good feedback, releases tricks with ease. From the basic trick maneuver to the classics (stalls and slides forever!) to the latest new School moves: You can do it with Abraxas!

span: 215 cm
height: 93 cm
weight: g, including a15g spine weight
sail area: 0,81 qm
wind: 1 - 4 Bft
sail marterial: Icarex, 32g/qm
frame: Skyshark 3PT, pultruded carbon tube 6 und 5,3mm
recom. flying line: Dyneema 55kp - 70kp, 35m

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