Prism 4-D

Prism 4-D

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No wind? No problem. Anywhere, anytime, the 4-D flies when all your other kites are on the ground. It’’s light. Just 70 grams. Light enough to fly by walking backwards in the barest breeze, or even indoors. The wing is nicely balanced for graceful freestyle flying and remains buoyant in fluky wind. In the air it has precision and presence, with the responsive line feel of a larger kite.

Got some wind? No problem. The 4-D is super light, but not super fragile and it’s as happy to fly in 10 mph as it is in 0. It has a solid carbon high-modulus frame that you can practically tie in a knot without breaking. The sail is ultralight Icarex polyester and Mylar laminate. Limiters on the bridle prevent over- or under- tuning the kite for the wind so you don‘t miss the sweet spot. The frame breaks down to 23” and comes in a sweet padded case.

Span: 147cm
Wind: 0-24 km/h, 0 – 4Bft
Material: Carbon rods, Icarex
ready to fly with 2x 15m 25DaN Dyneemalines

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