Maraca light

Maraca light

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Ready for the perfect day?
You're looking for a kite for balmy evening breezes? This kite is for you, your lightwind addicts, after-work kiters, trick pilots.
Large enough to learn tricks and small enough to be agile even in the lightest breeze. The Maraca light does (almost) all current old and new school tricks, but also likes relaxed cruising.
We think it's important to make sure that you don't spend a fortune in replacement parts in the event of a mishap: the kie is framed with standard pultruded carbon which can easily be replaced if necessary. The sail made of lightweight, tear-resistant nylon that takesa lot of rough handling.

span: 200 cm / 6'7"
height: 87 cm / 2'8"
weight: 200g / 7.05oz
sail area: 0,72 qm / 7.8 sqft
Wind: 1 - 4 Bft / 5 -14 mph
sail: 42g/m² Ripstop Nylon
frame: 4 +5 mm Kohlefaserrohr
recommended line: Dyneema 20kp - 55kp / 20 - 35m


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