Mono 0.8

Mono 0.8

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Our brand new single skin kite Mono is much more than a standard foil that lacks the lower sail. The elaborate construction of the canopy allowed a smaller number of cells and therefore a reduced number of bridle legs.
Mono is absolute suitable for newbies. It generates decent but easy to handle power. Other than ram air foils it will not unintentionally restart, which is extremely helpful in strong wind. But especially nice is that there are no cells to blow!

The 0.8 is the smallest size in the range. It comes with high grade Dyneema line on a dual line bar. Ready for take off!

Wingspan:                                 1,75 m
height:                                       0,80 m
flat area:                                      0,8 m²
Aspect Ratio:                                4.0
Cells:                                           6
Wind:                                       2 – 6 Bft
Frame:                                  Fiberglass
Fabric:                                  70D Polyester
ready to fly including 75kp Voltage Dyneema
                                    and dual line bar


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