U.R.O. 65

U.R.O. 65

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This cheeky guy is the successor of our legendary Atrax .65

Our new U.R.O. 116’s little brother has its shape and construction – but en miniature! It does need a little bit of wind to gain momentum, but then things are taking off! It’s almost untamable on short lines: ragingly fast in straight flight and invisible when it spins. But it is a pleasure for all of us who find kiteflying in strong wind too exhausting: The pull it never stong at all: Controll in your fingertips!

This kite is not a toy: we recommend it for experienced kite fliers, only!

span: 108cm
height: 39,5cm
weight: ca. 87g
fabric: 42g/m² Ripstop Nylon
frame: 4mm carbon tube
wind: 3 – 7 Bft
recom. line: 20 – 40kp, 20 - 25m










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Product Note Price
Groundstake with pouch Groundstake with pouch
this little helper comes in handy 7.90 € *
Levitation Delta light Levitation Delta light
if the wind is not strong enough for the U.R.O... 98.89 € *
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