Brasington Central Station Kite Train

Brasington Central Station Kite Train

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Captivate the beach...enchant the park...celebrate the day!

Robert Brasington’s spectacular trains can turn an occasion into an event. The beautiful blend of rainbow colors is subtly enhanced by his color fades. Nearly weightless organza tails make them stable, reliable fliers. Formerly limited to the number that Robert could make himself, this train is now being made by Into The Wind.

comes in a durable Oxford bag that fits the assambled kites.


Wingspan: 51 cm / 1’-8”

Height: 100 cm / 3’-4” + 365cm Organza tail

Fabric: Ripstop Nylon

Frame: Fiberglass

Wind: 2 – 4 Bft/ 5 to 18 mph

Recommended line: 45kp / 135-lbs Dacron


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Polyester line 130lbs/110yrd Polyester line 130lbs/110yrd
(length: 60kp/100m)
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