Prism E3

Prism E3

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They say there are two kinds of dual-line pilots: those who’ve caught the freestyle bug, and those who will. The E3 is the complete package that’ll get you hooked on freestyle tricks, with a balanced precision you’ll never outgrow. It’s got hand-wrapped SkyShark carbon spars for perfect control response. The kite’s center of gravity is tunable for freestyle with a 10g adjustable spine weight. Adjustable standoffs let you tweak speed and precision for different winds or different moods. The E3 is happy to perform from 3-25 mph.

Includes a low-stretch Dyneema lineset, line winder and adjustable Duos flight straps in a nice zippered sleeve you can carry at full or half-length.

Wingspan: 249cm
Material: Icarex Segel, Skyshark
Wind: 5-40 km/h
Flying lines: Dyneema 70DaN, 2x25m

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