Fulcrum vented

Fulcrum vented

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The Fulcrum is the turning point in sport-kite design, bringing together the worlds of quad-line and advanced dual-line kites like never before. The Fulcrum is beautifully designed as a progressive high-performance sport-kite that redefines the experience of dual, trick, team and quad-line flying.
The Fulcrum comes loaded with the most advanced features. The innovative CAD-designed sail gives you the most controlled flight ever experienced in a sport-kite and is conceived with panel graphics that work to enhance the dynamics of individual and team performances. The compound parabolic surfaces enable effortless dead-launches and fully eliminate the archaic wing fold inversions, making the Fulcrum even more accessible for newcomers to the quad-line world.
Tracking feels super solid and control is precise at every speed, in both forwards and reverse. Direction changes are instantaneous, stops are devastatingly accurate, hovers and rotations are scintillating, all experienced within the Fulcrum’s large wind-window.
The Fulcrum’s interchangeable spar options include the bespoke new Skyshark Fulcrum XLS spar for you to reconfigure the frame to suit your personal flying style.
To complete the picture, the Fulcrum executes tricks that, until now, were the preserve for dual-line flyers – Yo-yos, Fades, Lazy Suzans, Slot Machines, and more, are all possible.
Simply put, the Fulcrum is the world’s most capable sport-kite.

The Fulcrum Vent is model designed for higher winds.  The vents reduce pull and speed in wind in excess of 10 + winds.

Lines and handles are not included.

Sapn: 264 cm
Height: 82,5 cm
Wind: Standart: 13 - 40 km/h / 8 - 40 mph
Sail Material: Icarex PC31
     XLS Sky Shark center strut with Nitro Strong outside tubes


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Skyline Dyneema Lineset Skyline Dyneema Lineset
(length: 4 x 25m, Stärke: 50 DaN)
33.90 € *
Quad Line handles Quad Line handles
20.00 € *
Groundstake with pouch Groundstake with pouch
7.90 € *
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