Spiderkites Huntsman light

Spiderkites Huntsman light

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Cozy Kite - what else do you need?

Huntsman light shares the platform with our Huntsman, but it's about 140g lighter, which gives you an advantage when it comes to light wind flying or flying in gusty wind. Flies and turns with medium speed and good feedback. The Skyshark P200 spreaders can certainly take a punch - a great inland kite for a peacefull after work flight.
One can do some simple tricks with the Huntsman light such as flat Axels, Cascades, Side Slider etc, but the true strenght is it's presence in the sky and the steadiness on the lines. We  believe, the Huntsman light is your perfect kite once you're through with the basics.

available December 2016

wingspan: 2.57 m / 8'8"
height: 1.07 m / 3'6"
weight: 310 g / 8 oz
flat sail area: 1.04 m / 11.2 sqft
windrange: 1.5 – 4.5 bft / 3 – 22 mp/h
fabric: 42g/sqm Ripstop Nylon
spars: 2 mm Carbon tubes, Skyshark P200 Spreader
recommended line: Dyneema 75 kp / 2 x 35 m; 150lbs / 2 x 115 ft



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