Spiderkites Lycos 2.0

Spiderkites Lycos 2.0

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Here’s your chance to put the pedal to the metal. With the Lycos series of foils there is no speed limit. They’re just the thing for those who are looking for excitement without an environmental impact. They are designed for speed.

New for 2015: Due to the increased AR the kites generates speed out of the wind's power even more efficiant. Loops are more powerfull, too. In first test the new Lycos 2.0 was clocked with more than 200 km/h (120mph)!

•low resistant airfoil
•high aspect sail
•thin Dyneema bridlelines
•V profile cells all contribute to uncompromising performance

Because of these design enhancements the kites will scream across the sky even at medium wind speed and will give you a workout. Like a noble race car that needs an elegant garage, the Lycos has an exquisite bag. Pity that you’ll spend so much time flying the kite that it won’t spend much time in the bag. Lycosidae or Wolf Spiders do not build webs and lie in wait for their prey but instead rely on their speed, as one of the fastest spiders in the world to catch their lunch.
Because of the enormous speed and power that these kites generate,
we recommend that only experienced pilots fly the Lycos foils!

Ventex version now available: lighter, faster acceleration, wider Wind range, less touchy in gusts. Simply a better, more efficient kite!


2,1 m / 6'11"
1.70 m / 5'7"
0.55 m / 1'10"
1.0 qm / 8.6 sqft
42 g/qm Nylon
2,5 – 6 bft / 8 – 28 mp/h
Dyneema 75kp / 2 x 25 m or 35m



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