Spiderkites Lycos PS 1.4

Spiderkites Lycos PS 1.4

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After the great success of the last Edition of Lycos 1.6 we decided to continue where the Lycos 1.6 left off..... with the new Lycos 1.4 a powerful successor comes to the flying field. For those days when the storm just doesn't want to stoph. Even with a lot of wind the 1.4 doesn't pull a lot at all.

Like all Lycos the 1.4 has profile support (therefore the PS in the name). Which means that the profiles are now supported by a strong nylon thread in the edge. Thus the airfoil is cleanly formed from the beginning. Greater airfoil accuracy means greater efficiency, which results in more speed.
A nice side effect is that the profile support also allows the bridle to be optimized without creating additional resistance through additional bridle legs. As a result, the flyable wind range gets even larger.

other than that, we rely on proven technology:
- thin, low-resistance airfoil
- high-aspect ratio canopy for more performance
- thinnest Dyneema bridle lines
- V-profiles for the reduction of bridle legs for less resistance

The Lycos is only suitable for experienced pilots!

wingspan: 140 cm
Height: 45 cm
Area: 0.54 sqm
Cells: 14
aspect ratio: 3,8
Wind: 2,5 - 6 Bft.
Cloth: 40D Ripstop Nylon
Recommended line: Dyneema 50 kg/25m



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Groundstake with pouch Groundstake with pouch
7.90 € *
Skyline Dyneema Lineset Skyline Dyneema Lineset
(length: 25 m, Stärke: 50 DaN)
17.90 € *
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