Spiderkites Lycos PS 2.5 Nylon

Spiderkites Lycos PS 2.5 Nylon

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After many years of great fun we finally redesigned our Lycos.

At first sight not much has changed: modern shape, higher Aspect Ratio. Span and area are unchanged.
The great difference took place under the hood: edges of the profiles are now reinforced by strong Nylon wires. As a result the profiles are now perfectly defined under all conditions. Which allows faster speed and more power. The wire reinforcement is called Profile Support, which is why the new generation Lycos has the suffix PS.
A nice side effect is, that the Profile support also allows to optimize the bridle without adding drag with additional bridle legs. This gives you a wider flyable wind range.

Besides this we counting on time-tested features:
• low resistant airfoil
• the high aspect sail
• the thin Dyneema bridle lines
• V profile cells all contribute to uncompromising performance

Because of these design enhancements the kites will scream across the sky even at medium wind speed and will give you a workout.

Lycosidae or Wolf Spiders do not build webs and lie in wait for their prey but instead rely on their speed, as one of the fastest spiders in the world to catch their lunch.

wingspan: 2.50 m / 8'2"
height: 0.66 m / 2'2"
sail area: 1.44 m / 15.5 sqft
cells: 19
aspect ratio: 4.5
fabric: Ripstop Nylon 42g/qm
windrange: 2 – 6 bft / 6 – 28 mp/h
accessories: bag
recommended line: Dyneema 100kp / 35 m


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