Spiderkites Smithi Pro

Spiderkites Smithi Pro

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Better light wind performance achieved with lighter weight construction:  A feather-like canopy of 42g/sqm Porche Skytech fabric and a bridle of non-sleeved braided Dyneema lines without an extra pulley (provides the same control with less weight).

And you asked for the every-which-way maneuverability of a quad line kite but with less pull than the standard Smithi.  That’s what you get with Smithi Pro.  Thanks to the smaller sail area, about 2/3 of Smithi, Smithi Pro is easy to manage over a wide wind range, especially at higher wind speeds, because it doesn’t pull nearly as hard as the larger, Smithi.  A third, one-way valve maintains the sail shape throughout all kinds of maneuvers, even during sudden stops, tight spins and, of course, when you fly the kite backwards.

These "enlightments" make Smithi Pro one of the lightest soft kites that you’ve ever flown. To maximize its light wind capabilities, use the thinnest line possible for the prevailing winds.


Wingspan: 190 cm / 6‘3“
height: 66cm / 2‘2“
area: 1,1sqm / 11.8 sft
weight: ca. 200g / 7.05 oz
AR: 3,6 Cells: 13
fabric: 42g/qm Porche Skytex / ¾ oz Nylon
Wind: 1.5 – 5 Bft / 5 – 28 mph


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Quad Line handles Quad Line handles
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Skyline Dyneema Lineset Skyline Dyneema Lineset
(length: 4 x 25m, Stärke: 50 DaN)
33.90 € *
Groundstake with pouch Groundstake with pouch
7.90 € *
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