Maraca Mini

Maraca Mini

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Light wind kite for great fun

Our Maraca mini continues a grand yet almost forgotten tradition: small, delicate trick kites.
These kites can be used in conditions in which everyone else has packed up already. Maraca mini performs the most beautiful hovering manoeuvres ever. Stalls, slides, helicopters, up and over - which kite can still do that nowadays? Lazy Sue and Pancakes, slow Axel etc. are built in. The Maraca mini wants to be guided into the manoeuvres, with momentum nothing can be done. The less the wind, the more fun the kite is! And in case of need it doesn't need much space: a street, a garage yard is enough (shorten the lines!).


wingspan 138cm / 4'6"
height 59cm / 1'11"
fabric Icarex Polyester
frame Carbon rods 2.5mm
Wind 0,5 - 2.5Bft
Fying lines included:
2x20m 20DaN Dynnema
& finger straps
skill level experienced



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