Spiderkites Zodarion

Spiderkites Zodarion

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The next generation.

His namesake from the realm of the spider is an ant hunter. The animal is attacking not only lightning fast, it also uses the retreat as a tactical maneuver. Our ZODARION is a freestyle kite that does all old and new tricks it the book. Like the ant hunting spider of the same name, Zodarion attacks lightning fast but also uses retreat as a tactical maneuver. This freestyle kite does all the old and new tricks in the book making it an ideal choice for flyers who want to refine their flying skills.
Zodarion comes with an active bridle by Andy Wardley for better tricks but yet still a good precision. the 2016 verision got a wrapped spreader for harder maneuvers

wingspan: 1.95 m / 6'5"
height: 0.89 m / 2'11"
weight: 300 g / 10.6 oz
sail material: 42 g/qm Polyester
spars: 6 mm Ø Carbon tube, pultruded, lower spreader Dynamic DT15
windrange: 1.5 – 4.5 bft / 4 – 17 mp/h
accessories: Kitebag that converts so that it fits the stack completely assembled, length continously variable
recommended line: 2 x 25 m, 55 kg or 75 kg Dyneema line








Zodarion with the old design



Product Note Price
Skyline Dyneema Lineset Skyline Dyneema Lineset
(length: 25 m, Stärke: 75 DaN)
19.90 € *
Skyline Dyneema Lineset Skyline Dyneema Lineset
(length: 35 m, Stärke: 75 DaN)
24.90 € *
Groundstake with pouch Groundstake with pouch
7.90 € *
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